BUTALI - An Azerbaijani national brand, founded in 2016, is today an excellent example of the preservation and revival of the best traditions of the Azerbaijani jeweller’s art, entrancing many connoisseurs of an elite culture, to which this exclusive jewellery surely belongs.

BUTALI is not only jewellery of grace; its sparkling gems are iridescent with colours that naturally attract and fascinate the human eye. This jewellery rewards continuous regard, to gradually comprehend the harmony and depth within... Its beauty attracts, encouraging enquiry into the secrets of its charm.

The jeweller’s art, born in distant antiquity, has flourished in all societies of succeeding eras, revealing the worldview, aesthetic ideals and approach to life of each. Its creations have certainly always expressed the artistic style of their time; not only evidence of the level of jewellers’ skills, but also of the productive and economic conditions in which they worked: the development of contemporary techniques in metal, stone and glass, and much more.

Jewellery has been worked and developed in Azerbaijan for thousands of years, and has a rich history, its pages written by skilled craftsmen who left fertile ground for the many generations of their successors. Whether engaging the simplest techniques or the most sophisticated of technologies, each of them expressed their idea of beauty and harmony, by creating jewellery...

The many varieties of jewellery, catching the eye mainly with decorative design, grace and uniquely detailed ornamentation, have always been held in regard by admirers, not simply as jewellery, but also as works of art by master craftsworkers.

As epoch followed epoch, jewellers were constantly in the process of creative development, improving technology, advancing design techniques and enriching material. Thus, the quality of artistic resources, which determined the development of jewellery as an art form, was constantly rising.

Combinations of different methods of processing and decoration have also been reflected in the works of Azerbaijani jewellers. Every one further confirmation of the continuity of the strong, vibrant and eternal traditions of the Azerbaijani art. The language of any ornament is complex and somewhat mysterious. The elements may be repeatable and canonical, but what an infinite variety of combination there is within their bizarre play of line! It excites in the way of a fine oriental melody or the flexible rhythm of a poetic ghazal. And skilled craftsmen have created this miracle here from time immemorial to the present day.

BUTALI is a brand with a persistent desire to delve deeper into the roots of the national tradition of ornamentation. This approach helps to successfully present the modern art of jewellery in Azerbaijan, based on an ornamental style of creativity.

Our craftsworkers are inspired by a sincere love for the national heritage associated with the customs and rituals of their people, their worldview and beliefs, and this is reflected in the decorative form and symbolic content of the jewellery.

BUTALI brand creations combine perfection and brilliant sophistication. Their artistry is acquired via traditional methods of various decoration used in the texture, shaping and construction of the patterning, and suitability for everyday use. A unique vision of beauty and craftsmanship in a single piece of jewellery preserves those most precious moments of life for its owner.

At the same time, like any creative practice, a work of jewellery art cannot live solely by devotion to older models, no matter how modern their appearance.

Thus, the BUTALI masters are in constant search of renewal and connection with contemporary life. Their creations captivate today’s aficionados with original new styles.

Traditional motifs found in the ancient architecture of Azerbaijan, in carpet patterning, from motifs on famous headscarves – kelaghayis – as well as traditional ornaments and symbols from different parts of the country – all play key roles in the design of jewellery produced with various techniques.

These craftsworkers are not confined to traditional symmetrical composition. Free combinations of classic and exclusive techniques bring new rhythms and dynamics to contemporary jewellery. The artist's creative idea is often embodied in material that is diverse, brightly decorative and beautiful by nature.

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