The history of art jewellery in Azerbaijan proves that the fine jewellery created by our craftsmen has always carried a special significance; it has always been outstanding, bright and unique. Encrusted with precious and simple stones – people gifted them as amulets and protection charms.

According to the long-established traditions, every woman should have her own jewellery to preserve as a memory of the bright, happy and memorable moments of life – they carry her story. This is probably why jewellery has often been chosen as meaningful gifts for women.

Wonderful miniature earrings with an elegant buta - a gift from a grandfather for the first birthday, a chain with an openwork pendant presented on the ceremony day of graduation as a memory from father, a magic talisman – the first jewellery set given by the husband's family for the wedding, a ring with magical beauty – a gift from a husband for the wedding anniversary will be the most memorable event. So, thanks to many happy events, the jewellery box is enriched. Over the years, the owner will also present the jewellery helping other girls and women to create their own stories.

Today this tradition has its own glorious continuation in modern Azerbaijan. The representatives of this beautiful gender keep antique family rings, necklaces, pendants and bracelets with pride and love, and they are also glad to enrich their collection with the works of modern jewellers gifted to them on special occasion and significant events.

Jewellery from BUTALI is the best choice for these kinds of gifts, because you help to create beautiful stories with a touch of the best national traditions, feeling the power of the beauty of our native land, and the support of the amazing symbolism of our jewellery art.

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